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Lancaster P4-X (No. 153 Squadron RAF) - 5/6 March 1945 - 7 KIA - Hranice, CZ

m-P4-X_PIC00046.jpg (20938 bytes)

On that night the RAF lost almost 40 bombers. Three of them crashed on the Czech territory - P4-X of 135 Squadron (pilot Jim Bailey - entire crew KIA), DY-Q of 120. Squadron (pilot J.A. Hurley - part of crew KIA) and  CF-F2 (pilot Jim Alexander - entire crew POW) of 625th Squadron RAF

Showcase dediacted to the Lancaster P4-X crew, one of three RAF bombers which crashed on Czech territory during night of 5/6 March 1945 (Chemnitz operation).


The last mission - Skoda Pilsen, 25th April 1945 -

m-MI_Pilsen_23.JPG (17483 bytes) m-m1_303.jpg (18741 bytes) m-M1_PIC00032P.jpg (15384 bytes) m-ASM2_107.jpg (17192 bytes)
Corner with wall panels dedicated to the crews lost on 25th April 1945

Panel dedicated to one of the "last mission" victims, the Mauger crew (303BG)

Photo on right shows the radioman seat from B-17 of 303 BG lost on 25th April 1945

Photo far right - Col. Wallace Blackwell, president of the 398th BG Association, looks on the panel dedicated to the victim of his  group from 25. April 1945, the Ferguson crew, which crashed close to the target Pilsen. Wally Blackwell visited the museum on 8th June 2003. This was the second visit of our museum by delegation of the 398th BG Memorial Association

This area is dedicated to various USAAF crews which were shot down on the very last combat mission of the 8th USAAF to the Czechoslovakian target Pilsen. This was really one of first targets of the following "Cold War"... Unfortunately, some B-17 crews were lost.


8th US Army Air Force Frighter Command on April / May 1945 - strafing missions and hunting
of Me 262s over the Czech land


Lt. Frederick Swauger (78th FG) - P-51D Mustang - POW - 17th April 1945 - Marianske Lazne, CZ

m_sam_68.JPG (17121 bytes) m-MI_Pilsen_23.JPG (17483 bytes) m-M1_PIC00204.jpg (15562 bytes) sam.jpg (43971 bytes)
A build in showcase with uniform of Lt. Frederick Swauger 78th FG who became as POW after his trip over Czechoslovakia on April 17th, 1945 Note the two P-51 pictures. Both of them display Fred Swauger´s MX-E which he crashlanded near of Marianske Lazne, CZ (Marienbad) Also this model was donated by Fred "Sam" Swauger. This is the Mustang he flew on his last combat mission. Fred Swauger was one of our honorary guests on the Museum opening ceremony in September 1997

(Other photo of Fred Swauger from the Museum opening ceremony  you may see here)


Lt. Oscar T. Ridley (357th FG) - P-51D Mustang - bailed out / escaped - 18th April 1945 - Lany, CZ

m-Ridley_1a.jpg (14026 bytes) m-Ridley_PIC00047.jpg (21065 bytes) m-Ridley_PIC00049.jpg (18642 bytes) m-Ridley_1b.jpg (16116 bytes)
Lt. Ridley in Front of his P-51D.

Detail look to the showcase
with Lt. Ridley´s Mustang

On right: valuable piece recovered from Ridley´s Mustang´s crashsite - piece from the nose of the plane with yellow-red checkerboard, identification of the 357th FG

Brigadier general Oscar T. Ridley came to visit this museum and see the showcase dedicated to him, exactly on 55th Anniversary of the V-Day, 8th May 2000

Lt. Riddley was shot down by flak while his squadron attacked the Pargue - Rusine (Ruzyn) airfield, base of Me 262 jets from JG 7. He baile dout and the plane crashed near of Lany in central Bohemia. Lt. Ridley was hidden by local civilians and avoided capturing. He came to visit our museum on day of 55th Anniversary of the WWII end, on May 8th, 2000


The Preddy brothers - Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr. (352nd FG) - P-51D Mustang - KIA - 25th December 1944 & Lt. William R. Preddy (339th FG) - KIA 17th April 1945 - Zaluzi u Ceskych Budejovic, CZ   &    Capt. Raymond E. Reuter (339th FG) - KIA 17th April 1945 - Borsov u Ceskych Budejovic, CZ

m-MI_Preddy_08.JPG (19432 bytes) m-Preddy_066.jpg (20591 bytes) m-Joe_Noah_16.jpg (18473 bytes) m-znaky.jpg (21010 bytes)
The wall panel dedicated to Preddy Brothers and Capt. Reuter. George E. Preddy was famous, top scoring ace on P-51 Mustangs Both brothers George and William Preddy lies together on the St. Avold American Cemetery in France. We have visited their graves in March 2002 Cousin of Preddy brothers, Mr. Joe Noah, visited this museum on March 30, 2001. He is founder and manager of the Preddy´s Memorial Foundation dedicated to his two cousins  Emblems of Preddy´s units - the 352th FG and the 503rd FS of 339th FG. This squadrow was also one of serious participants on the air battle over the Ore Mountains on 11th September 1944.

Older brother George was killed by a mistake by allied flak while he chased German fighter on Christmas 1944. Younger brother Bill was killed by German flak while action over Bohemia.
Together with him was killed his leader, Capt. Reuter
Click here to open the official website of the "Preddy Memorial  Foundation"


End of the WWII - Lt. Virgil P. Kirkham (9th USAAF) - P-47 Thunderbolt - KIA  - Trhanov, CZ    30th April 1945

m-M1_PIC00020_M1.jpg (17762 bytes) m-Kirkham_PIC00021_M1.jpg (16181 bytes) m-Kirkham_001.JPG (19765 bytes) Kirkham_65.jpg (196553 bytes)
Showcase dedicated to the very last airplane loses on Czech territory - the last US, Soviet and German airmen Detail of the far left part of the showcase, dedicated to Lt. Kirkham. Memorial build by local people on place here exploded his Thunderbolt. Note the wreckage on headstone Virgil Kirkham is buried on the St. Avold American Cemetery in France. We have visited his grave in March 2002

Kirkham´s Thunderbolt crashed into forrested hil close to "Lomikar alley" near of Trhanov in Domazlice region, CZ moment later after his attack to German vehicles. He was the very last US Air Force lose over our territory


End of the WWII - the "V-Day" May 8th, 1945 - last losses

m-Stjepanov_PIC00022.jpg (18711 bytes) m-LW080545_PIC00023_M1.jpg (18898 bytes)

The very last soviet pilot killed in Czech republic and perhaps the last allied WWII combat cassualty. Lt. Sergej Stjepanov was killed on 8th May 1945 while recon mission. He was shot down by Me 262 pilot who was escaping from Czechoslovakia to the British zone. Stjepanov´s P-39 Aircobra crashed in area of Ore Mountains village Kliny

One of latest German losses which were also shot down on May 8th, 1945. Unknown pilot of this Fockewulf was killed while crash near of village Radnice in Pilsen region.


Col. Antonin Vendl (No. 501.& 313. Squadron RAF, 1.CSSLD)

m_tonik_67.JPG (15030 bytes) m-Tonda2.jpg (16813 bytes)

A corner dedicated to our dear friend, Col. Antonin Vendl, Czechoslovak volunteer in RAF. He flew Spitfires and Hurricanes in 501 and 303 squadrons RAF. Later he volunteered for USSR where he helps to build first Czechoslovak fighter unit in USSR (1944). He also participated on the Slovak National Uprising where he flew Lavockin La-5FN. After the war he has great problems with the communistic political system in Czechioslovakia.  all the original pictures are painted by him. Since 1994 we build a great friendship with this superb and modest man. We called him Tonda, by Czech, English speaking friends called him Tony. Unfortunately, he died on 2nd April, 2002...

Tonda Vendl seats in Spitfire Mk. V S/N EP 120 which he flew in 501. Sq RAF at least on one combat mission (actually this plane). After reconstruction the Spitfire is maintained by the Old Flying Company in Great Britain and fly on air shows. This Spit was used on the Dark Blue World movie, where was piloted by excellent pilot Nigel Lamb. Tony Vendl met this his old Spit while the movie filming in Hradcany, former military base in May 2000.

See the RAF section on Room II for Tony Vendl RAF uniform.


JG 4 - current - wall panel

m_MI_65.JPG (19590 bytes) m-jg4_tabl2003.jpg (19067 bytes) JG 4 veterans mentioned on the panel on left (most of them with both - historical and current photo) - from left top counter-clockwise:
- Heinz Zimmer
- Leo Funk
- Helmut Detjens (flew 11.9.1944)
- Werner E. Dehr (flew 11.9.1944)
- Gustav Süllwald (flew 11.9.1944)
- Karl-Heinz Jessen
- Wilhelm Wohlgemuth (flew 11.9.1944)
- Dr. Herbert Chlond (flew 11.9.1944)
- Günter Kinner (flew 11.9.1944)
- Hans Klaffenbach (flew 11.9.1944)
- Manfred Kudell (flew 11.9.1944)
- Gerhard Kott
Global look on the right side of the first room, which is related to the current time. A panel dedicated to JG 4 veterans which we have met personally while our research on way of the very bad day of this Luftwaffe unit, 11th September 1944. Most of men displayed here visited already our museum.


Our current activities

m-M1_ex01_038.jpg (18325 bytes) m-M1_PIC00050.jpg (19827 bytes) m_MI_awards74.JPG (19575 bytes) m_MI_souc73.JPG (19056 bytes)
The "current time section" is final part of the exhibition. Our activities in relation to this museum begun when we were shoolboys in middle of 80´s, but to the public we opened our activities in 1994 by building of the memorial to airmen killed in the battle on 11th September 1944. This display area covers our activities since then till today. Some of awards and memory documents given to the museum. Note the certificate of appreciation by the US Army CILHI (JPAC) for the Museum´s participation on research and recovery mission for missing Lt. William M. Lewis, Jr. (see details here - Oberhof section, room III.) Global look into the "current time" showcase
m-MI_souc_0026.JPG (17947 bytes) m-MI_souc_0025.JPG (17606 bytes) m-M1_ex01_042.jpg (19950 bytes) m-MI_B17_Jack01.JPG (16571 bytes)
Detail of the "current time" showcase - left side. The thin blue strip in front was used as symbol of the Museum opening, when it was cutted together by Don Farley (100th BG) and Hans Klaffenbach (JG 4), the battle participants. The silver tray in back was donated by the Gemaischaft der Jagdflieger, Jägerkreis Berlin Detail of the "current time" showcase - right side. The cap below was donated by Col. Jack C. Moore while the Museum opening ceremony, the knife on right by LtCol. Jack W. Janssen, the book Cebtury bombers was donated bu our "sister" Museum, the 100th BG Memorial Museum in Thorpe Abbotts, England, etc. A model of the 350th BS, 100th BG Jeep "Smiling Jack". Contribution glass box with the wooden B-17 on top. Tjis nice B-17 model was donated by Jack W. Janssen, the battle participant nad one of our dear friends. Note the 100th BG Reunion document 2001 from Omaha, Nebrasca on back.


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