Some exhibits are displayed out of the main exhibition, especially because of their size. Some of these exhibits are in general not directly related to the main exhibition subject (11th September 1944), but are important items of the exhibition about the WWII air war and the aviation historyu in general .

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B-17G 42-31188 "Dead Man´s Hand" of 447th Bomb Group
19th April 1945 over Czechoslovakia (crew of. Lt. R. Glazener). 1 KIA - the copilot Lt. H. Cramer was murdered after capturing, 9 POW)...

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Part of the elevator of this plane. Note the 447th BG color still on the "cloth" covering the light ribs. Formation flight of Fortresses of the 447th BG (photo by 447th BG Assn.)

This A/C was the wery last loss of the USAAF by Me 262 Schwalbe. The plane exploded in midair over Czech-German border


"Oberhals" JU 88
crashed in area bwetween Oberhals (Horni Halze) and Kovarska, CZ

30. January 1944

m-JU88_014.JPG (17225 bytes) m-JU88_5_.jpg (17999 bytes) m-Oberhals_PIC00002_JU88.jpg (21161 bytes) m-Oberhals_PIC00021_JU88.jpg (20859 bytes)
General look on the showcase. Detailed look on the left part of the showcase.

Two detailed looks on the right side of the showcase. Note the cockpit parts and some of the personal equipment of the crew
The yellow part in front I believe should be from the aileron tip ... (?)

m-Oberhals_PIC00006.jpg (20705 bytes) m-Oberhals_PIC00040.jpg (20951 bytes) m-Obrhals_PIC00018.jpg (17027 bytes) m-Oberhals_PIC00004_JU88.jpg (20452 bytes)
Details of some instrument labels from the cockpit


(right) the tail wheel. It has a "Dunlop" / made in Germany stamp. Very curious.

A flying boot. No comment...

m-JU88_5_2.jpg (13591 bytes)

Pieces from the brooken engine (also below)

m-JU88_5_1.jpg (15321 bytes)

Deatils of the oxigen bottle, some hydraulics, fuel gap with deaerator (far right bottom). Do you have idea wha tis the metal strip with lettering front of the bottle? I think, this could be a part of the fuel tank mounting band... (?)
This exhibit is a result of one of our early recoveries, fall into 1986-88. This was a Ju 88 crashlanded in peat moor between Horni Halze (Oberhals) and Kovarska. The plane was totaly destroyed during the crashland on early mooring fog. The four airmen crew was killed on impact.
Not more than a half mile away from this plane crashed some months later the B-17 42-97806 of Lt. Baker (see in section 3, room III.)


Me 262 - part of the JUMO 004 and the Me 262 experimental external fuel tank

On 5th Anniversary of the Museum, 13th September 2003 we get an unusual gift. This was about 1/3 part of the JUMO 004 engine, which powered Me 262. This great exhibit was donated by Mr. Roman Juricka from Cheb, CZ who saved it from the threat of scrap salvage. It after the war it was used in a high technical school as an education aid, but it was longer abanonded. This is a middle part of the turbine in great condition, contains many manufacturing stamps and also a penetration by US 0.50 caliber ammo. m-JUMO004_1d3.jpg (11969 bytes)
blue section show what part we have
(click to enlarge)
m-2_ct0023_119_03.jpg (17826 bytes) m-004_090.JPG (19999 bytes) m-004_095.JPG (12436 bytes) m-004_091.JPG (18397 bytes)
Two Me 262 pilots, Alfred Ambs (center) and Helmut Detjens (right) explains to Petr Frank of the Museum "how it works..." Possible catalogue numbering...
What may be this number... ? the engine serial number?
101 3011992
One of six cans of the can annular combustion chambers. Note the cutted away container - because of the former educational purpose of this exhibit
m-004_086.JPG (17727 bytes) m-stehovani270903.jpg (19869 bytes) m-JUMO004_016.JPG (15846 bytes) m-Me262_tank_15.JPG (12909 bytes)
the penetration hole by US 0.50 caliber ammo Terrible transportation of this great and too heavy exhibit to the museum - It was only moved eight men... (27. 9. 2003) The exhibit wait for final designing of the area around. Other photos available upon request Experimental wooded fuel tank build for the night version of Me 262. More we post many months ago on the  - parts ID page


Wall arrangements - various exhibits and panels

m-thorpe.jpg (16169 bytes) m-cz_raf.jpg (18360 bytes)
Panel dedicated to our "sister" museum, the 100th BG Memorial Museum in Thorpe Abbotts, England. If you have trip to England, you might to visit this great place - old base of the 100th BG near of Diss, Norfolkshire. Panel remembering (along of other exhibits in the Museum) the fight and current activities of Czechoslovak airmen in WWII


Various exhibits in the Additional area

m-lw_kolo.jpg (9755 bytes) m-mitchell.jpg (15184 bytes)
Once very frequent tool, but now very unusual exhibit - a wheel skid from Zwickau airfield, where FW 190s and other planes were repaired. It survived all the years in garage of Erwin Landgraf, former ZG 26 pilot. Donated by his son Günter Landgraf. The exhibit still smell by great airplane odorand... The door into Room I. is guarded by bended prop blade from Russian Mitchel, the B-25 lend leased by USA. The airplane crashed in Czechoslovakia on Spring 1945


The cultural meeting room

m-kultur.jpg (14424 bytes) m-jg4_stammtisch2002a.jpg (18205 bytes) m-jg4&7_stammtisch2003.jpg (16478 bytes) m-jg4_stammtisch2002.JPG (18811 bytes)
While  building of the Museum in 1997, we have re-build also this room on side of the Museum, which we are using as amentities and the HQ for our Airmen Reunions and other actions for veterans and for public people. On the left photo is an example fronm our wall with memories and memorial certificates. On the right photo is a moment from JG4 Fliegerstammtisch 2002 The room hosts veterans meetings...
On the photo is the 2002 JG 4 and JG 7 Fliegerstammtisch
The room hosts meetings of former enemies...
... friends now. On the photo from 2002 are battle participants from 100th BG, JG 4 and JG 7

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