Purpose of the second Museum room is to introduce visitors to the clothes and equipment of the air forces which fought over Central Europe. We have exhibits from the Luftwaffe, the USAAF and the RAF. Unfortunately, we have not been able to acquire anything from the WWII USSR air force. The exhibits are displayed in one big "U" shaped showcase around the entire room. This showcase was added to the museum in 2001 under the sponsorship of the 100th BG Foundation.
The room also hosts exhibits from other countries who fought in the air during WWII. The room is darkened with only a delicate light shining on the exhibits. It is a "calm room" with mostly personal artifacts.

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the left side of the common showcase

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Global look to the Luftwaffe showcase, including various Luftwaffe flying clothing and other memorabilia A close look into the showcase. On the photo - our friend, Viktor Petermann RK, who was born in Weipert (Vejprty), 6 km from Kovarska. Framed picture on the wall donated by JG 52 pilots Klaus Vollgold and Hans Bachmann
(both Me 109) from the Fliegerstammtisch Zwickau
Earlier arrangement of the "Luftwaffe showcase" (1997-2001). Replaced by the complex in the room as is shown on the left of this row.

Exhibits in this area were donated by various individuals like Viktor Petermann, RK (64 victories JG 52, JG 7), Helmut Detjens (JG 4, JG 7), Manfred Kudell (JG 4), family of Erwin Landgraf (ZG 26), Ewald Herhold (JG 1), Jaroslav Hradec and others


the middle part of the common showcase - to honor the Czechoslovak volunteers of the RAF

m-MII_RAF78.JPG (19387 bytes) m-MII_Spit10.JPG (19422 bytes) m-MII_RAF_05.JPG (19255 bytes) m-MII_Tonik_09.JPG (18905 bytes)

(left) Global look to the RAF showcase, including RAF uniforms, various flying clothing and other memorabilia. The uniform in center is from fighter pilot Col. Tony Vendl. Left a jacket from air gunner E. Simon, who was one of our heroes returning from the war. He was killed in 1949 by the communist's secret police.

(right) Supermarine Spitfire gun camera donated by our friend Mike Coates from England in 1997. Other view of the camera you may see here.

Detailed look into the RAF showcase. The framed picture was painted by our friend Petr Hampl and is in commemoration of Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF Area dedicated to our dear friend Tony Vendl, who passed away in 2002. He flew in France in 1940, then in RAF (501 and 301 squadrons) and also flew as a volunteer on the east front (1944-45). More about Tony Vendl may be learned in room I., 2nd part. (To return... please use your "back" button)

All items in the RAF area are related to the Czechoslovar airmen who fought in WWII as members of the Polish, French, British, Canadian, Russian and other air forces. They fought from 1939 until 1945.
Almost 550 of them were killed...


the right side of the common showcase

m-MII_USAAF79.JPG (19336 bytes) m-MII_PICT0093.JPG (19034 bytes) m-USAAF_PICT0030.JPG (19660 bytes) m-MII_PICT0032.JPG (20022 bytes)
Global look to the USAAF showcase, including various USAAF flying gear and other memorabilia Detailed look into the showcase. The emergency escape axe from a B-17 was donated by Jack W. Janssen... watches in background by Wayne E. Rosenoff The prayer book and rosary was donated by Charles P. Stein, the gloves on right by Lloyd O. Krueger USAAF Escape map, headphones and various navigation equipment. Donated by Ray E. Miller, Jack W. Janssen and Col. Zdenek Jenys.
m-MII_PICT0018.JPG (19863 bytes) m-USAAF_PICT0028.JPG (18877 bytes) m-M2_USAAF_PICT0022_080303.JPG (20510 bytes) m-USAAF_PICT0029.JPG (20208 bytes)
Another global look to the USAAF showcase Look at the bottom of the USAAF showcase - left side, heated boots girdle used by bomber crews. It was acquired by our member Ken Breaux. Look at the bottom of the USAAF showcase - right side Another look at the bottom of the USAAF showcase - right side
m-M2_USAAF_PICT0024.JPG (15770 bytes) m-MII_PICT0023.JPG (17613 bytes) m-USAAF_PICT0035.JPG (17167 bytes) m-M2_PIC00087.jpg (22178 bytes)
Aircraft navigational equipment, sextant donated by Radek Russ Leather jacket, flying helmet, and an enlisted man's uniform shirt Another look at the enlisted man's uniform shirt and cap B-17 engine starter from a crash site.. in excellent condition (salvaged shortly after crash)

Exhibits in this area were donated by various individuals including Jack W. Janssen (100th BG), Ray E. Miller (100th BG), Lloyd O. Krueger (95th BG). Charlie P. Stein (95th BG), Wayne E. Rosenoff (55th FG), Kimberly Wall, Radek Russ and Col. Zdenek Jenys


Room II. - on the walls

m-M2_PICT0077_M2.JPG (16191 bytes) m-M2_PIC00205.jpg (14847 bytes) m-MII_Thorpe_12.JPG (16768 bytes) m-MII_flag_011.JPG (17699 bytes)
Look through the door into room I. Framed picture of flying warbird B-17 Aluminum Overcast donated by the 398th BG Memorial Association (2000) Model of Thorpe Abbott's airbase, station No. 139, home of the 100th Bomb Group (scale 1:2500) Look through the door into room III.

USAF flag (above doorway) donated by Col. Jack W. Janssen. Far top - part of the landing flap from B-17G 42-97806

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