detailed chart of the Room I.

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Legend for the chart

- showcase
- wall panel
- open exhibits area
(only what is not already written)
A - Ju 88 / Bilina
B - framed pictures + Me 163 sized print
C - panel of B-17G 100th BG - Jack Moore

D - panel - unit histories
E - panel dedicated to the B-24/Bilina
F - pictures of P-51 Fred Swauger
G - Pilsen 25.4.1945
H - wall showcase - Fred Swauger´s uniform
I - model od Fred Swauger´s P-51
J - pictures painted by Col. Antonin Vendl (RAF)
K - Examples for the FW 190A-8/R2 "Sturmböck"
L - current time activities panel
M - wooden model of B-17 donated by
     Jack Janssen
N - "newspaper clippings" panel
O - oil barrel from B-24 crashed at Lhenice
P - panel dedicated to Preddy brothers
Q - 100th Bomb Group Great Flag
      donated by Grant A. Fuller
R - oxygen bottle B-17
S - print by Robert Bailey "Horrido"
     (above door to 2nd room)
T - La-5FN, B-17 and Ju 52 engine cylinders
     (below the showcase)
U - piece from B-17 (42-97834) wing
     (below the showcase)
V - print "The Bloody Hundredth Yesterday and
      Today"honoring 100th BG and 100th ARW




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